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icons, screencaps, layouts and other fandom goodness

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6 September

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Former personal journal now fandom shrine. What you'll find:

Credits for Icon Resources

Textures: ladybanteerin, dearest, discordandnight, kamino, colorfilter, unmasked_icons, bombayicons, blimey_icons, 77words, ohfreckle

Brushes: teh_indy, blimey_icons, _joni, wurlocke

Gradients: hiril_alatariel

Screencaps & Images: cap_it, colorito, _aced_, wurlocke, teh_indy

Battlestar Galactica : diken, awakencordy
CSI + CSI:NY : CSI Caps, wurlocke or my own
CSI:Miami : Miami Style
Prison Break : colorito, Craftymonkie
Firefly : Can't Take the Sky, Craftymonkie
Stargate Atlantis: SG Atlantis, Stargate Caps, Atlantica
Serenity : Craftymonkie

Anna Belknap Pics courtesy of Gnimaerd (Talk CSI)
Eddie Cahill : Behind Blue Eyes
CSI Cast Pics : hires_csi, MargHelgenberger.com

Rules for Use:

+ Comments are always appreciated, especially constructive criticism.
+ Credit would be nice but not expected.
+ Hotlink and I'll keel you ded. Or replace the image with porn. Whichever works.
+ Customize CSS files to your heart's content.

Favorite Artists:

action movies, adam baldwin, affleck, akira kurosawa, alan rickman, alias, aliens, amazing race, ang lee, ann rule, aqualung, bacolod, band of brothers, barbie's cradle, battlestar galactica, ben affleck, billie holiday, black hawk down, bones, brandon routh, calea, carmine giovinazzo, casino royale, cheesecake, chocolate, christopher nolan, cold case, coldplay, csi, csi: new york, csi:ny, csiny, cueshe, damien rice, daniel craig, danny messer, danny/lindsay, david tennant, dennis quaid, diefenbaker, doctor who, due south, ellen ripley, enid blyton, enrique murciano, everything but the girl, fanlistings, firefly, gabriel macht, george clooney, get up kids, grissom/sara, gsr, gwen stefani, haruki murakami, heroes, house, indian food, indian mangoes, james taylor, jayne, jennifer garner, jerry bruckheimer, joaquin phoenix, joe flanigan, john mayer, john sheppard, kevin smith, kt tunstall, lechon manok, life, lord of the rings, making icons, maroon 5, mars volta, martin scorsese, mcshep, metallicar, michael cudlitz, michael vartan, neal mcdonough, nina simone, no go or routh, norah jones, north and south (bbc), numb3rs, parokya ni edgar, patricia cornwell, php, prison break, quentin tarantino, richard armitage, ridley scott, rilo kiley, robbie williams, robert rodriguez, school of rock, scott grimes, serenity, sg:1, standoff, stargate atlantis, strictly ballroom, superman returns, supernatural, taken, tfl, the amazing race, the departed, the fray, the movie blog, the smiths, the unit, tom hanks, topher grace, transformers, true crime, ugly betty, we are scientists, wentworth miller, william petersen, without a trace, writing

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